America First: Tanks, Riot Gear and More Dead Black People

Life is different today. A women dressed elegantly in black places her hand on her heart and feels something different. It isn’t a change in pace, it is the nature of the beat. There is something inextricably different about the way her blood is coursing through her veins.

Change is barreling down the mountain like a thunder storm in July.

She knows that she is staring at the precipice of revolution. The heavy voices of the oppressed fill the woman dressed in black with courage. She forgets her name as she calmly approaches the storm.

A wave of men armed by the US government move forward. Their fully loaded rifles and riot gear are a painful reminder of the blood spilt before her. She feels the warm Louisiana breeze move between her ankles. She feels weightless as a fully equipped army moves to sweep her away. She has nothing in her hands, nothing to protect herself with, yet her meekness carries an inheritance that will possess the earth.

The unconfessed sin of Baton Rouge is rotting the foundation of the city.

She stands in the middle of the road, silent and motionless; holding her inheritance without waver. Her stance is the prophet’s cry for confession.

“Repent, and save our city from decay!”

The army, deafened by Uncle Sam’s military grade armor, progress forward without hesitation. They feel entitled to a land that they had not inherited. They stole, raped, and pillaged what was not theirs, and then built a country and called it Israel (The Promise Land). Their lust, greed, and hubris were decorated in American manifest destiny.

Now, America has been unveiled, revealing the body that was prostituted out to the nations. Ashamed, she tries to cover herself. To distract the world from her sins, she says, “All lives matter!” As video after video surfaces, revealing the harsh reality of police brutality, she nervously replies, “We can’t rush to judgement. The courts and due process will determine if the officer is at fault.” She cringes as technology continues to reveal her hidden sins.

America is out of options, so she turns to what she knows best: Guns. She builds a wall of fully automatic rifles, plugs her ears, and repeats, “I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.” She appoints an egotistical billionaire to restore law and order. His harsh language and heavy hand will keep this country in line.

This is the home of the free and the brave. Gods and kings have died here. We have fucked the world over a hundred times, and have yet to apologize. What makes you think we will now? We will make America great again. America first, America first. Let’s make us safe again.







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